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                                          SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES

Social Bookmarking is a brilliant way to flood your site with traffic and visitors. But what is Social Bookmarking ? How can you start participating ? How do social bookmarking sites work ?
What does social bookmarking mean?

Automatically, most of web users are participating in social bookmarking. Tagging, saving and sharing the interested links is simply Social Bookmarking. Social bookmarking sites allow users to save their precious links on the web instead of their web browsers.
Start participating

You need to start work on collecting a list of most famous and trusted social bookmarking sites based on their traffic and popularity. Once you have a list of the top 50-80 social bookmarking sites you can start joining them by creating your profile. Creating profiles and bookmarking posts on a regular basis is a tedious activity, I suggest you outsource this activity to a social bookmarking service.

Ensure you tag all your posts and articles, tagging will help users with the same interests find your links and articles. Additionally, it helps you to easily and quickly find your links.
Be Social

The key to get traffic by using social bookmarking is to be a social. If you start submitting links without sharing and without recommending others, you will end up with no traffic.

These sites provide simple options for browsing and surfing based on different criteria. Users can search for the recently added and may be for the most common links. Also you can enjoy browsing by category such as technology, business, blogging, sports, news and more.

By displaying popular links and recently added lists, user can take advantage of both keeping up-to-date and seeing relevant sites.

Using social bookmarking to get traffic is an intelligent choice as it can surprise you with a flow of organic and targeted traffic. How ? As mentioned before, tagging is helps users search what other users have bookmarked.
 Social Bookmarking Tips and Guidelines
The best and easiest way to attract targeted traffic to your website is Social Bookmarking. It is the most popular way to increase traffic. You can make your site by adding your link there and briefing to promote through your website. There are many social bookmarking site available online, but the maximum you need clever and creative promotion of your website. You will have some work, while for social bookmarking. There are few steps that you follow in the future.

Use keywords: the best way of categorizing information, making it easily accessible to everyone. so it may be easier for people too many different types of content can bookmark that content to find later. So if you want to get the most out of your social bookmarking initiative, then you should not ignore the importance of using the correct tags. Make sure tags are your targeted keywords, so that not only the user but also the search engines you may have to find your links.

Its contents: Avoid monotony to the social bookmarking sites. You can maximize its exposure through the setting up of videos, audio files, images and written content. The more diversity, which is displayed on your site, the more you will benefit from it.

Good news: You should be smart and creative in deciding your headlines. Creating headlines is very important. Many times interesting content or even unnoticed by the users who see it misunderstood. This is mainly because you do not want to give an appropriate title.

1. Sign up for as many social bookmarking accounts as possible. This is a way to increase links to your site and build page rank.

2. Focus your networking energies on a few popular web sites so that your content is bookmarked and voted as soon as possible in these pages. The goal is (this is hard for some of us) is to draw attention to themselves, which in turn visitors to your website

3. Finally, want to become entrepreneurs, who have links to their websites or blogs

All in all, from the article above we see clearly how great an advantage it is to use the social bookmarking site for your own needs traffic. The trick is bookmarking, in conjunction with other traffic generation techniques used to achieve optimal results.

  How to get Traffic from Social Bookmarking sites
Sites like,, etc can bring you a LOT of traffic. How about getting 20,000 and more visitors a day when your listing hits the front page?
Getting to the front page of these sites is not as difficult as it seems. I have been successful with digg and (and not so much with Reddit though the same steps should apply to it as well) multiple times and have thus compiled a list of steps that have helped me succeed:

 Pay attention to your Headlines
Many great articles go unnoticed on social bookmarking sites because their headline is not catchy enough. Your headline is the first (and very often the only) thing users will see from your article, so if you don't make the effort to provide a catchy headline, your chances of getting to the front page are small.

Write a meaningful & short description
The headline is very important to draw attention but if you want to keep that attention, a meaningful description is vital. The description must be slightly provocative because this draws more attention but still, never use lies and false facts to provoke interest. For instance, if your write “This article will reveal to you the 10 sure ways to deal with stress once and forever and live like a king from now on.” visitors will hardly think that your story is true and facts-based.

You also might be tempted to use a long tell-it-all paragraph to describe your great masterpiece but have in mind that many users will not bother to read anything over 100-150 characters. Additionally, some of the social bookmarking sites limit descriptions, so you'd better think in advance how to describe your article as briefly as possible.

Have a great first paragraph
This is a rule that is always true but for successful social bookmarking it is even more important. If you have successfully passed Level 1 (headlines) and Level 2 (description) in the Catch the User's Attraction game, don't let a bad first paragraph make them leave your site.

Content is king
However, the first paragraph is not everything. Going further along the chain of drawing (and retaining) users' attention, we reach the Content is King Level. If your articles are just trash, bookmarking them is useless. You might cheat users once but don't count on repetitive visits. What is more, you can get your site banned from social bookmarking sites, when you persistently post junk.

Make it easy for others to vote / bookmark your site
It is best when other people, not you, bookmark your site. Therefore, you must make your best to make it easier for them to do it. You can put a bookmarking button at the end of the article, so if users like your content, they can easily post it. If you are using a CMS, check if there is an extension that allows to add Digg,, and other buttons but if you are using static HTML, you can always go to the social bookmarking site and copy the code that will add their button to your pages.
Here is a link that should help you add Links for, Digg, and More to your pages.

Know when to submit
The time when you submit can be crucial for your attempts to get to the front page. On most social bookmarking sites you have only 24 hours to get to the front page and stay there. So, if you post when most users (and especially your supporters) are still sleeping, you are wasting valuable time. By the time they get up, you might have gone to the tenth page. You'd better try it for yourself and see if it works for you but generally posting earlier than 10 a.m. US Central Time is not good. Many people say that they get more traffic around 3 p.m. US Central Time. Also, workdays are generally better in terms of traffic but the downside is that you have more competitors for the front page than on weekends.

Submit to the right category
Sometimes a site might not work for you because there is no right category for you. Or because you don't submit to the right category – technology, health, whatever – but to categories like General, Miscellaneous, etc. where all unclassified stuff goes. And since these categories fill very fast, your chance to get noticed decreases.

Build a top-profile
Not all users are equal on social bookmarking sites. If you are an old and respected user who has posted tons of interesting stuff, this increases the probability that what you submit will get noticed. Posting links to interesting articles on other sites is vital for building a top-profile. Additionally, it is suspicious, when your profile has links to only one site. Many social bookmarking sites frown when users submit their own content because this feels like self-promotion.

Cooperate with other social bookmarkers
The Lonely Wolf is a suicidal strategy on sites like StubleUpon, Digg, Netscape. Many stories make it to the front page not only because they are great but because they are backed up by your network of friends. If in the first hours after your submittal you get at least 15 votes from your friends and supporters, it is more likely that other users will vote for you. 50 votes can get you to the top page of Digg.

Submit in English
Linguistic diversity is great but the majority of users are from English-speaking countries and they don't understand exotic languages. So, for most of the social bookmarking sites submitting anything in a language different from English is not recommendable. The languages that are at an especial disadvantage are Chinese, Arabic, Slavic languages and all the other that use non-latin alphabet. German, Spanish, French are more understandable but still they are not English. If you really must submit your story (i.e. because you need the backlink), include an English translation at least of the title. But the best way to proceed with non-English stories is to post them on where they belong. Check this link for a list of non-English sites.

Never submit old news
Submitting old news will not help you in becoming a respected user. Yesterday's news is history. But if you still need to submit old stuff, consider feature articles, howtos and similar pieces that are up-to-date for a long time.

Check your facts
You must be flattered that users read your postings but you will hardly be flattered when users prove that you haven't got the facts right. In addition to sarcastic comments, you might also receive negative votes for your story, so if you want to avoid this, check you facts - or your readers will do it.

Check you spelling
Some sites do not allow to edit your posts later, so if you misspell the title, the URL, or a keyword, it will stay this way forever.

Not all topics do well
But sometimes even great content and submitting to the right category do not push you to the top. One possible reason could be that your stories are about unpopular topics. Many sites have topics that their users love and topics that don't sell that well. For instance, Apple sells well on Digg and The War in Iraq on Netscape. Negative stories - about George Bush, Microsoft, evil multinational companies, corruption and crime also have a chance to make it to the front page. You can't know these things in advance but some research on how many stories tagged with keywords like yours have made the front page in the last year or so can give you a clue.

Have Related Articles / Popular Articles
Traffic gurus joke that traffic from social bookmarking sites is like an invasion – the crowds pour in and in a day or two they are gone. Unfortunately this is true – after your listing rolls from the front page (provided that you reached the front page), the drop in traffic is considerable. Besides, many users come just following the link to your article, have a look at it and then they are gone. One of the ways to keep them longer on your site is to have links to Related Articles / Popular Articles or something similar that can draw their attention to other stuff on the site and make them read more than one article.

RSS feeds, newsletter subscriptions, affiliate marketing
RSS feeds, newsletter subscriptions, affiliate marketing are all areas in which the traffic from social bookmarking sites can help you a lot. Many people who come to your site and like it, will subscribe to RSS feeds and/or your newsletter. So, you need to put these in visible places and then you will be astonished at the number of new subscriptions you got on the day when you were on the front page of a major social bookmarking site.

Do not use automated submitters
After some time of active social bookmarking, you will discover that you are spending hours on end posting links. Yes, this is a lot of time and using automated submitters might look like the solution but it isn't. Automated submitters often have malware in them or are used for stealing passwords, so unless you don't care about the fate of your profile and don't mind being banned, automated submitters are not the way to go.

Respond to comments on your stories
Social bookmarking sites are not a newsgroup but interesting articles can trigger a pretty heated discussion with hundreds of comments. If your article gets comments, you must be proud. Always respond to commends on your stories and even better – post comments on other stories you find interesting. This is a way to make friends and to create a top-profile.

Prepare your server for the expected traffic
This is hardly a point of minor importance but we take for granted that you are hosting your site on a reliable server that does not crash twice a day. But have in mind that your presence on the front page of a major social bookmarking site can drive you a lot traffic, which can cause your server to crash – literally!
I remember one of the times I was on the front page on Digg, I kept restarting Apache on my dedicated server because it was unable to cope with the massive traffic. I have many tools on my site and when the visitors tried them, this loaded the server additionally.
Well, for an articles site getting so much traffic is not so devastating but if you are hosting on a so-so server, you'd better migrate your site to a machine that can handle a lot of simultaneous hits. Also, check if your monthly traffic allowance is enough to handle 200-500,000 or even more visitors. It is very amateurish to attract a lot of visitors and not be able to serve them because your server crashed or you have exceeded your bandwidth!

The snowball effect
But despite the differences in the likes of the different social bookmarking communities, there are striking similarities. You will soon discover that if a post is popular on one of the major sites, this usually drives it up on the other big and smaller sites. Usually it is Digg posts that become popular on StumbleUpon and Reddit but there are many other examples. To use this fact to your best advantage, you may want to concentrate your efforts on getting to the front page of the major players only and bet on the snowball effect to drive you to the top on other sites.
An additional benefit of the snowball effect is that if your posting is interesting and people start blogging about it, you can get tons of backlinks from their blogs. This happened to me and the result was that my PR jumped to 6 on the next update. 

 Social Bookmarking and its Benefits
Social bookmarking has been active for years now but is now growing rapidly and is fast becoming a useful tool for several web marketers. Growing fast and fast quickly turning into an important tool social bookmarking has really developed a lot in recent years. Social bookmarking is now a tool any web marketers can not ignore.

If you want to make your webpage rank better in search engines you should definitely consider social Bookmarking submissions. If you are in need of social bookmarking service, you need to check out the internet for some good social bookmarking companies or services. You need to first understand the process of bookmarking on social sites. For training in social bookmarking contact seo trainer in Hyderabad Hari Babu

The Social Bookmarking Submissions are either done manually or they are done automatically.  Manual Bookmarking Submissions would take very long time, whereas the automatic Bookmarking Submissions would not take a lot of time. In fact, the cost of using the automatic system to make submissions can even cost considerably less. There are two things that you need to look at when the submission happens. The first is the speed and the second is the accuracy.

Human beings share websites that are of interest to them and therefore a bookmarking website should reflect this by showing lists of net addresses with affiliated content.  Lets take an example if you want to bookmark a website selling insurance products on a bookmarking website then   produce related keywords and some good description which attracts customers to read the content. Producing fundamental phrases and a relevant title is the next important step. Depending on the bookmarking site, you then have an option to bookmark the web site as private or public for everyone to determine it.

There are cases whereby individuals bookmark web pages which have not yet been indexed by search engine spiders. Some of the website addresses in a bookmarking system may have been poorly indexed or not indexed at all by search engines. Thanks to the bookmarking site, because unsatisfactorily indexed site addresses are made visible through the bookmarking system and will then have a better chance of being picked by search engines.

If an internet resource has been bookmarked numerous times by the members, it can then be highly ranked by a social bookmarking system. In a social bookmarking scheme a website which has been bookmarked many times can be ranked highly. When people bookmark a website several times in a bookmarking site, it enhances its chances of being placed in high ranking positions when searched for.

Social bookmarking sites are graded highly by search engines such as Google and therefore if your site is bookmarked it increases its ranking.  Search engines like Google and Bing love bookmarking schemes which they rank highly and your bookmarked website is indirectly bound to get better too. Your bookmarked site will move up its ranking because bookmarking scheme are favored by browse engines similar to Yahoo and Google which rank them highly. If users discover your website vital it can be rated highly within the social bookmarking site. More targeted traffic may be channeled to your website as a result of this. Well, you will then obtain a substantial amount of traffic for such a high rating of your website.

Some common bookmarking sites are Digg, Delicious, Reddit, stumbleupon and so on.  The bookmarking company would typically propagate the word of your content and you will get more traffic to your website in just a matter of days. It is not correct to expect the results in a day or two, because you have to give this procedure some time to show the effects. After the bookmarking on social websites, you will see that the rankings of your website will improve steadily but constantly.

Companies charge money based on number of websites to be bookmarked. Generally people charge $ 10 to $ 30 for 30 to 40 bookmarking websites.  When you are selecting a Social Bookmarking Service or company to do your social submissions, you need to keep few key aspects in mind. First and foremost, always hire the best seo expert to do the bookmarking job for you. There are several small bookmarking companies or seo freelancers to do this job.

There are several companies that have started the work of social bookmarking on social websites. Although the procedure is very simple, you need to have the time and expertise to do the bookmarking on social sites. Bookmarking on social sites is one of the fastest acting SEO options as of today.

Most popular social bookmarking sites



Explore Bim 












Google Bookmarks

Mister Wong







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